About The Yardhouse

Here at The YARD HOUSE, I pride myself on capturing a slice of my imagination, creativity and passion in each individual piece, while helping to reduce the Carbon Footprint.

I design and produce creative, furniture and home ware from sustainable materials and discarded items that I curate into distinct collections, from Industrial style tables and seating to elegant French dressers and traditionally upholstered antique chaise.

Among my collections you will find collectable items I have salvaged while on the hunt for materials that are beautiful just as they are, and have been left so. Perfect for accessorizing the home!

I believe, like clothes, every person should have furniture in their home that is unique, provokes a sense of identity, a feeling of joy and lasts a lifetime, hence why you will find no flat pack furniture or engineered wood in my range.

I am passionate about a circular economy, not just to keep a piece of history alive but to contribute towards reducing the Carbon footprint, which is why over 90% of the materials I use are reclaimed from demolitions, reclamation yards, Industrial sites, auctions and French house holds. Even my packaging is Eco-friendly!

I hope you love my creations as much as I loved creating them......enjoy! :)


 Kate Shurmer